Offering a seamless experience from start to finish
Todays airline passengers expect a seamless experience from check-in to baggage delivery and that is exactly what we deliver, at some of the world’s airports. We offer the highest level of service at 2 airports around the world. Whether we’re helping passengers face to face, or ensuring seamless behind-the-scenes operations, we smooth the way for over 384,800 travellers each year.




In ramp handling, every second counts and we are 100% dedicated to ensuring that our customers’ tight schedules are met. Through our modern ramp services, we deliver a wide range of aircraft handling functions, including aircraft loading and unloading, technical support functions, provision of pushback vehicles, air start units, air conditioning units, ground power units, potable water units and toilet servicing units.



Aircraft Loading/Unloading, Baggage Sorting and Transportation, Cabin Cleaning, Aircarft Exterior Cleaning, Crew Transport, De/Anti-Icing, GPU, Push-Back, Unit Load Device Control, Toilet and Water Services.




Customer services staff are the key interface between our customer airlines and their passengers and play a leading role in offering the customer care that is critical to the success of Global Aviation Services (GAS) ground handling operations. Whether checking in for a flight in Costa Rica, transiting through Dubai, or disembarking in Guatemala, our team of over 277 professionally trained staff ensure the smooth handing of passengers from check-in to boarding and from disembarkation to baggage collection.
For passengers requiring extra support, GAS staff across our international offices are trained to offer assistance to passengers with special needs, including unaccompanied minors and with reduced mobility. With our comprehensive range of ‘meet and greet’ services, we have been making air passengers feel especially welcome.
Incoming passenger acceptance and guidance to baggage claim areas and terminal exit,
Lost, damaged and transfer baggage processes of incoming passengers (if any),
Outgoing passenger acceptance for flight and baggage processes, Safe acceptance of outgoing passengers to the aircraft, Incoming and outgoing VIP, unaccompanied children and special care passenger services, Specially trained personnel for disabled passengers.


Equipment leasing for Airport Services: Ground Handling, Ramp Services & Aircraft Services.



Approximately 110 million tonnes of Cargo are transported annually by air around the world. Given the premium nature of these shipments, our cargo customers need a service which is reliable, secure and comprehensive. At 2 airports globally, we act as a provider of; Ramp Transfer to and from aircraft Receiving and break up of cargo – Real-time track and trace facilities – loading/unloading, warehousing, screening and onward logistics services which are crucial to their businesses, and in which they can have total confidence.